Drum Lessons

Music Store Drum LessonsDrums have served as the driving force behind such music as jazz, blues, R & B, rock, and modern pop music. Drum lessons at Ace Drums will give students a chance to learn the fundamentals of rhythm. Once those fundamentals are learned, the student can choose the music of their liking. From there our drum instructors can teach almost in any style that the student desires. Ace Drum’s  lessons are designed to maximize a student's ability so that the student will be successful in the shortest amount of time

Our students will have the opportunity to take their drum lessons in one of our private teaching studios. Careful attention is placed on each drum student to ensure a custom lesson plan. Our drum teachers understands that every student has different needs and abilities and therefore the drum lessons will be planned with the individuality that every student requires. All aspects of music will be taught, including reading, rhythm, sound development and drum repertoire so that the student can become a complete musician. Wherever the student's musical interests are, Ace Drum’s drum instructor is here to help the student realize his or her greatest musical potential!