Music Lessons

Music Lessons in Port CharlotteHere at Ace Drums we take the time to understand the goals of students. We see so many people, school teachers, landscapers, office workers, mothers and fathers, who make such a commitment to keep up their efforts to learn to play an instrument, in the midst of otherwise very full and demanding lives. Maybe they only get to practice 20 minutes a day, but it is very important to them, and they make sacrifices to keep it in their lives and have it grow. That's one reason we make a specialty of showing these people how to get the most out of the time they put in.

We also recognize those students who aspire to more than just becoming a casual musician. It's a fact that the more you really try, the more "Natural Talent" you will discover in yourself. It is like having a little voice in your head guiding you in the right direction if you will listen, and we know that the more you listen, the louder that voice gets, and you hear it more often. Having "talent" is not the primary factor in whether or not you will become a good or great player. Your burning desire and unquenchable need to play, fueled with the properly designed correct understanding and approach from your teacher, are the most important things you must have.

We apply this understanding to all disciplines of music lessons that we offer.

Drum Lessons-

Learning drums is a great skill to acquire since it allows you to realize how percussion structures and gives energy to the music.  Learning drums allows a privileged insight into musical practice and theory, while also undertanding greater musical meaning and enjoyment.  Knowing how to read music and applying basic skills like how time signatures work, also serve to connect a person in the theory, performance and enjoyment of all music. Read More ----->

Guitar Lessons-

We offer guitar lessons for beginning to advanced students. All Styles from Blues, Rock, Classic Rock, Classical, Metal, and More. Learn your favorite songs, how to read music and/or tablature, how to write music, technique and theory, and improvisation. Lessons are catered toward what the student wants to learn. Read More ----->

Keyboard/Voice Lessons-

Perhaps you are one of the many millions of people that have always dreamed of being able to learn piano or keyboard. Doesn’t it seem thrilling to be able to make such lovely music by sitting down next to that beautiful piece of furniture, and letting your fingers roam freely on the whole length of the keyboard?  Read More ----->