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We have some of the most experienced and successful teachers in Florida. Here are a few of our teaching staff credentials:
Ken Giunta (Drums and Percussion): Over 20 years as a drum teacher for all styles and abilities Continuing his 30+ years of public performance Expert at both musical and technical aspects of drumming
Bob Nicoloff (Guitar, Bass, Violin, Band Instruments): Over 30 Years Experience Music Major at Ohio State University All styles, all abilities
2541 Tamiami Trail Port Charlotte Florida 33952 (941) 979-5457 (Near corner of Southbound Route 41 and Midway Blvd.)
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Gail Davis (Piano): Gail Davis teaches piano, clarinet, and Native American flute and is a practicing pianist, composer, and clarinet performer with the Venice Concert Band. Educationally, she learned a PhD in Curriculum & Instruction from the University of Central Florida in 2004 with a specialization in teaching math and physics and earned both a Master of Science and Bachelor of Arts in Pure Physics from the University of South Florida in 1986 and 1984 respectively. Dr. Davis attributes her success in math and physics to early childhood training in music having begun studying music (piano and clarinet) seriously at the age of 7. As a professional math educator at the college level, Dr. Davis finds a strong correlation between exceptional math skills in students and early musical training. They are inextricably linked according to many researchers who study the bond between musical training and excellence in mathematicsand related fields, like physics and chemistry. Dr. Davis provides individualized instruction for every student, discerning quickly where the strengths are for a particular student, and then designs a course of instruction that is unique for each learner. She doesn’t believe in a “one-size-fits-all” approach to musical instruction, but instead develops listening skills, interpretation, and expressiveness from the earliest lessons. As a composer, Dr. Davis has written many pieces for piano and small ensemble. The Trail of Tears Suite for solo piano documents, through music, the plight of the American Indian in the late 1830’s describing their death march to what is now Oklahoma. In addition, she has written two additional collections for solo piano entitled, “Pastiche in Song and Sonnet” and “The Little Bird Suite”. Her Native American roots also led to the composition of a collection of pieces for piano, clarinet, and violin trio titled, “Echoes of Native American Life”. One of these was debuted at the International Women Composer’s Festival in 2015. In addition, Dr. Davis has traveled to Hungary and Italy where she performed her original compositions. Dr. Davis believes in nurturing the traditional skills in music pedagogy supported by theory and classical training, but also develops a student’s ability to express themselves creatively by encouraging composition improvisation skills as early as possible.