Ace Drums of Port Charlotte – Mission Statement

Ace Drums of Port Charlotte Mission Statement


ce Drums is your Neighborhood Music Store. We are here to fill the needs of the Charlotte, Lee & Sarasota County music communities.

Prior to establishing Ace Drums last year, we have been very heavily involved with the musical instrument business, and we bring those years of expertise as an offer to you.  Over the years, we have experienced a very real need for a professionally run music store that will fulfill the needs of all levels of musicians and bands. Ace Drums is committed to providing the best parts, service, equipment, trades and lessons. Ace Drums welcomes input from all musicians to better enable us to cover all the bases maintaining our inventory to always include everything you might need.

Ace Drums was established to be YOUR music store. No more having to go north or south to find what you need, from the little things such as sticks, strings and repairs to purchasing the drum set or guitar of your dreams. We are here for you.